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Welcome to my blog. My name is John Maxwell. During the great recession, a lot of my friends found themselves struggling to pay the bills. The idea of spending money on entertainment became unthinkable. But there was a serious consequence to this. My friends saw less of each other. As a result, I went journey to find the most inexpensive or free ways of entertaining friends while still having a great time. Even though the great recession has long since passed, I believe that much of what I learned can still be useful. You can never save enough money on entertainment.

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Modern Ways To Listen To Horror Vinyl Records

Movie soundtracks have been released on records for years, including some extensive horror vinyl collections. While a majority of the records are simply played in a traditional record player, you can take your vinyl collection one step further. As you build your horror motion picture soundtrack vinyl collections, learn about the modern and unique ways to enjoy the music.

Digital Conversion

Many modern record players feature audio output options or direct USB ports. The options allow you to connect the record player to a computer and create digital copies of your music. The digital copies allow you to take your music on the go as you upload tracks to MP3 players or smartphones.

When you purchase the vinyl records and upload the tracks, you can enjoy a much different sound than just purchasing the tracks digitally. Some vinyl records may have exclusive tracks that were never released digitally. You may just enjoy the classic sound that comes from playing a record. The digital recording keeps the sound authentic.

Converting the files digitally can also help protect the condition of your horror soundtracks and ensure the vinyl records stay in mint condition.

Bluetooth Record Players

Another way to enjoy the music is with a Bluetooth record player. A Bluetooth record player will send the audio output to Bluetooth devices like speakers and headphones. You do not need to sit close by to enjoy your music. For example, if you are cooking in the kitchen, you can play the record from another room and still hear the music clearly with Bluetooth headphones.

The players will also often include traditional outputs so you can hook speakers up as needed.

Turn Table Combinations

Why play just one horror movie soundtrack, when you can play two at the same time? A vinyl turntable typically features two record players and a sound mixing board in the middle. The device gives you a lot of ways to play around with the music and tracks. You can find natural transitions from one song to the next and blend your favorite soundtracks together.

Some of the modern digital turntables include digital effects so you can slow down music, add unique sounds, and create blends of songs. Some will also feature digital recordings, so you can record your track mixes and play them back again. You can create long versions of your favorite horror movie soundtracks and share the mixes with family and friends.

The more you collect vinyl horror records, the more you can play around with some of the modern music technology.