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You Don't Have To Spend A Fortune On Entertainment

Welcome to my blog. My name is John Maxwell. During the great recession, a lot of my friends found themselves struggling to pay the bills. The idea of spending money on entertainment became unthinkable. But there was a serious consequence to this. My friends saw less of each other. As a result, I went journey to find the most inexpensive or free ways of entertaining friends while still having a great time. Even though the great recession has long since passed, I believe that much of what I learned can still be useful. You can never save enough money on entertainment.


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Are You Planning A Honeymoon In Ibiza, Spain?
30 May 2019

If you've never vacationed in Ibiza, Spain before,

Are You Planning A Honeymoon In Ibiza, Spain?

If you've never vacationed in Ibiza, Spain before, prepare to fall madly in love with one of the most beautiful places on Planet Earth. And, since you've decided to go to Ibiza on your honeymoon, the town will be even more magical. 

From bike tours of the city to arranging to having the time of your life on a rented party boat, here are some ideas that might help you to plan a memorable and fun honeymoon.

See The Sights In The Town Of Ibiza - First of all, don't worry if you don't speak Spanish. There will be plenty of English speaking people who can do things like give you directions or recommend a great place to eat. 

Do you enjoy riding bikes? If so, consider taking a bike tour of the city. If you'd rather walk, that's another great option. Whether you take a walking tour or a bike tour, your guide will be friendly and knowledgeable. And, if you're lucky you'll get a personable guide who will inject humor into his presentations. 

Your tour will take you to see the historic Ibiza Castle which will take you back into a long ago time. D'Alt Vila, or Old Ibiza Town, will also be part of the tour. You'll more than likely be given free time so that you can shop in charming shops and so that you can have local treats. For sure take comfortable walking shoes, as your tour will last several hours.

Join A Group For A Party Boat Experience - Have you seen the waters of the Mediterranean Sea? If not, just picture turquoise colored jewels, as the water is clear and bright turquoise blue. The concierge at your hotel will be happy to help you join a party on a rented boat. It will more than likely have an open bar and festive music that will invite dancing. 

Wear your favorite swimsuit on the party boat rental in Ibiza. But take a cover up, too, as the sun can get pretty hot, especially as it is reflected off the date. Your Ibiza party boat may go to the nearby island of Formentera, or it may go into different beaches. Find out ahead of time if you'll have the fun of swimming at one or more of the beaches. 

Besides the open bar, your party boat will have meals as part of the price you pay. This might be one of your most expensive things to do while you're in Ibiza, but it also will probably be some of the best money you'll ever spend on a vacation.